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Are you a Furever Friend?

At Treasure Furever, we are all about celebrating pets and giving them an amazing life. We are looking for more like-minded, passionate animal lovers that share in our enthusiasm. We would like to show our appreciation!

Each month we will select and feature pet parents, aka Furever Friends, that are living our mission and proving that their furry friends are More than a Pet and truly a treasured family member.

Winners will receive a free piece of jewelry dedicated to their furry friends. 

So who is a Furever Friend

  • Does your entire world revolve around your pet(s)?
  • Do you often cut your plans short or cancel altogether to care for them?
  • Is their comfort & well-being more important than your own?
  • Do you become a worried mess when they are the slightest bit off?

    AND the ultimate test:

    • Has anyone ever told you when they die, they want to come back as your pet?

    If you answered "yes" to ALL of those questions, then YOU are our people! We love to celebrate pets and the people who love them...our true Furever Friends! 

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