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Our Story

Treasure Furever was inspired by Roxi, the best beach dog we ever had. She passed away on December 12, 2020 at age 15. She had some health issues but she was still a happy, feisty little girl that liked to jump in the pool to cool off after laying in the sun. Her last 3 days caught us off guard and we did not expect to lose her to heart disease so suddenly.

The heartbreak and grief was intense because she was more than a pet:

  • Best Friend
  • Soulmate
  • True Love

Once she was gone, I felt incomplete. I wanted to do something special in her honor that would show everyone how much she meant and that she would never be forgotten. After considering my first tattoo, I started looking at jewelry instead and quickly became obsessed! I bought a variety of beautiful pieces dedicated to Roxi.

Jewelry became an outlet for expressing my grief but I didn't stop there. I wanted to help others who were grieving and experiencing the same pain from losing their pet.

At first, I started making necklaces for friends that had also lost beloved pets but my passion project quickly grew into a greater mission beyond myself. The initial goal was to create something beautiful and meaningful as a tribute that honors pets. In order to heal, grief needs to be acknowledged and expressed. 

Our pets become a part of us and nothing can replace them. Wearing dedicated jewelry is just another way to pay tribute by honoring pets that have passed and celebrating the ones still with us. 

In addition to memorial packages, we offer fun jewelry and gift packages to celebrate our current furry best friends. 

Please enjoy these family pictures of our inspirations living their best lives! Bailey (1996-2013), Roxi (2005-2020) and current boy Bruno Mars.

Roxi in 2005 - love at first sight 



Bailey (1996-2013) 


Bruno Mars joins the family in 2015